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CFS stocks a wide range of special purpose floats, buoys and fenders. Commercial line fisheries generally use H-series hard plastic, depth tested spherical floats to support their main lines. Common sizes for surface setting are 240mm and for deep setting 360mm. Depth rating is usually 300 meters.

H-series Floats

Commercial Line fisheries also commonly use inflatable A series dan buoys that support radio beacons. Inflatable dan buoys are also used as fenders when mooring.

A-series Floats

Trot Line & Drop Line fisheries that fish the ocean floor need to keep their hooks above rugged bottoms and commonly use smaller hard plastic floats with a high depth rating. There are a number of floats available with different sizes, shapes and ratings and the F-series Floats pictured below are quite popular. Specifications for the common F-series white floats below are:

  • 70mm diameter, 100 grams flotation, 600m working depth
  • 40mm diameter, 80 grams flotation, 300m working depth

Many other types of floats can be adapted to line fisheries including FAD (Fish Aggregation Device) floats, polystyrene floats, PVC floats, EVA purse seine floats, and hardened rubber floats. Some of these floats are pictured below. For full details and item specifications on the below floats please refer net fishing section and chandlery section.

Mooring Buoy - Special
Purpose Marker - range of
Colors, hollow or foam filled

Hard Plastic Trawl Float with "ears"

High Density Polystyrene

SHE Series Net/Seine Floats

Purse Seine & Net Floats

Hard Plastic Depth Tested centre hole

Hard Plastic Depth Tested with top and bottom lugs

Soft Rubber Gill Net Floats

Hardened Rubber Gill Net Floats

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